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Wengfu (pronounced Wong-Foo) Australia is a subsidiary of the Wengfu Group, a Chinese manufacturer of a wide range of phosphate-based products including phosphate fertilisers, chemicals, food and animal feed additives.

Wengfu Australia imports fertilisers into Australia for use in commercial agriculture, and phosphoric acid, STPP and DCP for use in a range of industries including the food and animal feed additives industries.

Our products are sourced from Wengfu manufacturing facilities overseas, or from reliable global suppliers.  In Australia Wengfu stores and despatches fertilisers in bulk or bulk bags, either as single products (such as MAP, DAP, Wengfu Slam(reg), Wengfu Pasture King, Urea, MOP, SOP) or as blended products, and phosphoric acid, STPP, and DCP in IBCs and a range of other pack sizes and types.

Wengfu Australia sells fertilisers to rural retailers or to contractors who apply fertilisers to pastures or crops.

Ranked 7th in the world for production of finished phosphate fertiliser, the combination of the company’s rock reserves, manufacturing assets and supply capacity is unmatched by any other fertiliser wholesaler in the Australian market. 

The Wengfu Group is based in the city of Guiyang in Guizhou Province in the south west of China.